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Thanksgiving Day Shea Ginder

Something big and orange
A big dinner what do you call it
What is a sweet potato made out of
Something the pilgrims set sail on
Something sweet and with you eat its round
A salad that is sweet for the famm
Something you remember that is special
You give someone something what is it called
Some people you get together
People who ware black clothes with a hat
A food you eat on a thanksgiving day
Something you watch on tv and people are on a float
Something you put in a turkey
What is the synonym for thankful
A big basket that some people have for thanksgiving
Who are the people that helped the pilgrims
A thanks to god that we are here and we have food
The liquid you put mash potatoes
What moth is the holiday of thanksgiving
Something that comes from a pig and you cut it in slices
The type of season that the leaves fall