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Science final

Electrons can be gained or lost, creating ions, metals and non-metals
Transferred, becomes less useful each time.
Shared and want to gain electrons, 2 non-metals
Energy measured in what unit
Size of wavelengths determine the type of energy, organized in a chart
Helium fusses together and creates carbon, core shrinks, outer layer expands 100x
Resources used faster then can be replaced by natural resources,coal,iol,gas,uranium.
On earth, atom split into two
Energy cannot be created or destroyed
Clumps form, glow begins
Dark lines seen in place of colored lines
Total amount of Co2 created directly or indirectly through a persons daily living
Lines of different colors and brightness showing source is emitting colored light to specific wavelengths
Ability to cause change, can be coverted from one form to another
1/2 m (v2)
High shine, good conductor,mallueable, positive charge
In stars, atoms combined into one
Resources that can be replaced by natural processes in a short amount of time. solar, wind, water, geo, biomass.
Rows of elements
An charged atom