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Gothic, Islamic Spain, Greek/Etruscan and Roman Art

The front of a bulding
Most Greek artworks were made out of
The Pxyis of al-Mughira was made out of
Material of Birth of Venus
The Nike of Samothrace is from this time period
Heart of City
The artist of Arena Chapel
A pediment that depicts joys of heaven and torments of hell
Central gathering place for the citizens of the city
This artwork was originally dedicated to all gods
material David was made
What does Chi-Rho mean?
The location of the Arena Chapel
Triangular part of the roof of temple
The period of Chartres Cathedral
The Location of Chartres Cathedral
Time period that came before Archaic Period
The_____of Trajan is a narrative work that shows Trajan going through the Dacian War.
The patron of Madonna and Child
___order is the 2nd style of greek architecture
Sculpture found on the roof of Temple Minerva