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PE E.O.C. Study Guide 8th Grade

Teacher: Coach Causin
The amount of time it takes to start a movement once your senses signal the need to move.
The percentage of muscle, fat,bone and other tissues in the body.
Ability of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen to the body.
The ability to perform with strength at a rapid pace.
Frequency, intensity, time, and type
Ability to maintain control while changing direction
How hard you exercise
The ability to use the same muscles for a long period of time
Consist of brief strength-based activities. ex sprinting and weight training(exercise without oxygen).
Continuous exercise at moderate to high levels of intensity for extended periods of time.(exercise with oxygen)
Painful, brief muscle cramps that occur during exercise in a hot environment, caused by dehydration.
The skillful and balanced movements of body parts at the same time.
The only part of a golf course that you can putt from.
The force that a muscle can exert during a single contraction.
Level at which the body is receiving the greatest benefits of cardiovascular activity
Ability to move joints and muscles through a full range of motion
Non-contact field sport that combines the elements of soccer, football, and basketball in a fast-paced, high action game, played with a flying disc, where everyone is the quarterback, receiver and defender.
Refers to how fast your heart beats
Combines the aspects of tennis, badminton, and paddleball, and is played with a wooden paddle and a plastic ball that has holes.
Joined the Olympics in 1992. it evolved from a childs game played in india called battledore and shuttlecock. The game is played with a shuttlecock or it can also be called a birdie.