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SNC2D ~ Cells + Plants

The form glucose is stored in
A combination of several types of tissues working together to preform a function
Provides support for the plant
A cluster of similar cells that share the same specialized structure and function
Are controlled by guard cells
An unspecialized plant cell
The process by which the duplicated contents of the cell's nucleus divide into two equal parts
The process of creating identical genetic copies of an organism
Sister chromatids condense and the chromosomes become visible
A stage of development of a living organism during which specialized cells form
The centromere splits apart and the chromatids are pulled to opposite sides of the cell by the spindle fibers
The organelle that controls the cells activities
In a cell nucleus, a thread-like structure made of of DNA
Where the cell spends most of its life and replicated DNA
An abnormal growth of plant tissue caused by insect or microorganisms
Two nuclei are formed
Transports sugars
Material found in the cell nucleus that contains genetic information
A substance or factor that can cause a mutation in DNA
A group of tissues and organs that preform a specific function
The process by which cells develop from similar cells into cells that have specific functions
An organ which grows into the ground
An abnormal clump or group of cells
Cells with abnormal genetic material that are dividing uncontrollably and can spread to other body parts
The chromosomes are aligned across the centre of the cell
The separation of the two nuclei and cell contents into two daughter cells
A change in the DNA of an organism
The cytosol and organelles contained by the cell membrane
The smallest unit that can preform the functions of life
Transports water and dissolved minerals