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Music Admin and Supervision Recap

Conflict style in which one person often overlooks the needs of others
Observation technique for recording specific classroom events.
Individualized Education Program - music teachers need to read them
Respect different points of view; focus on problem-solving
Observation technique for recording all aspects of a teacher's performance
Unrestricted money; no specific purpose
CMP for short; students perform various roles from composition through conducting and performing
Statement of knowledge or skill needed to reach a benchmark
A policy that might mitigate sexual harassment claims
A list of long-range instructional aims
A list of short-range instructional aims
Provides US citizens with freedom of expression and action.
Setting aside of funds by a legislature
Distribution of funds by a funding source
One part of Arts PROPEL in which students produce art to demonstrate knowledge
A plan that describes specific steps in achieving an objective or goal
One-page summary of grants or other proposals
Peer coaching
A tool for analyzing data to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a plan and the opportunities and threats acting on it