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French Revolution

Ideal Government- One King; Limited Authority
Restoration Of All Former Ruling Families
Wanting Drastic Change-Get Rid Of King
Love Of One's Country Rather Than One's Native Region
Every Adult Male Could Vote, Whether He Owned Property Or Not
Stroke Of State- Seize Power By Force
Political Movement Believing In Representative Government Protecting Individual Rights And Rule Of Law
Military Draft
Financial Reward Given To Other Countries For The Damages France Caused During Napoleon's Quest
Group Fighting Against The Revolution; Supported The Old Regime
Group Of People Not Only Opposed To Change, But Wanted To Undo Certain Changes
83 Equal Districts
Tactic Of Burning Or Destroying Crops And Anything Else Of Value
Nobles Who Fled To Other Countries To Overthrow The Revolution
Side With Either Conservatives Or Radicals Depending On The Issue
Urban Middle Class; Top Of Third Estate In French Society
Yes Or No Vote- Could Not Suggest Any Changes