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Extra Credit for Science

Mineral that splits open easily along a flat surface
Grains that are arranged in order are
how atoms are arranged to form a material that has a crystal structure
Dark-colored rocked that has a low silica content
Color of a minerals powder
Not formed from by a living thing
Goes with weathering
How a rock looks and feels
How shiny, waxy, or silk a rock is
rounded rock lined with cyrstals
Process that presses sediments together
A series of processes that occur on earth's crust and mantle that slowly makes rocks form
A mixture which substance is dissolved
Goes with erosion
How minerals look when broken apart
Naturally occurring solid that can form by it's five characteristics
Particles of minerals or other rocks
A repeating pattern of a mineral's particles forms a solid called
Is used for corner tops in your kitchen
A slab of a mineral that's different from the surrounding rock