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Vocabulary Chapter 14 and 15

Process in which certain proteins in human cells interact randomly and produce molecules that are linked in such a way as to make the body stiffer
Oldest age to which any person lives
Number of years a person can expect to live
Highly reactive chemicals produced randomly in normal metabolism
Individual who lives alone or a group of individuals who lives together
Group people who journey with us throughout our lives, providing support in good times and bad
Tips of chromosomes that play a major role in aging by adjusting the cell's response to stress and growth stimulation based on cell divisions and DNA damage
Reduced sensitivity to high-pitched tones
Upper limit of a person's ability to function in five domains: physical health, sensory-perceptual skills, motor skills, cognitive skills, and ego strength
Sleep - wake cycle
Opaque spot on the lens that limit the amount of light transmitted
People who study people population trends
Structural change in the brain produced when damaged and dying neutrons collect around a core of protein
Process by which people reflect on the events and experiences of their lifetimes
Type of long term care facility that provide medical care 24 hours a day 7 days a week using team of health care professionals that includes physicians ( who must be on call at all times), nurses, therapist (e.g., physical, occupational ), and others
Enzyme needed in DNA replication to fully reproduce the telomeres when cells divide
Difficulty seeing close objects clearly
When people allow their situation to dictate the options they have