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Suicide and the Bible Crossword

Teacher:  Anne Davis
Topic: Ancient Methods
Teaching:  Suicide and the Bible
Safety in a city of refuge was only _____ until evidence could be brought before the community and a decision rendered.
Jihad is not considered suicide, it is considered a ____ gift to Allah for killing infidels.
A person could not be _____ if they were able to reach a city of refuge.
Ratsach (רָצַח) in Num. 35:11 means to kill __________.
In Islam, suicide is an ________ sin.
The purpose of cities of refuge was to ______ a person accused of a crime from the vindictive rage of the victim's family.
A person accused of a crime, who found refuge in one of the Levitical cities, still had to face ______ by the congregation of Israel.
The Levites were not allocated land but instead received ______ cities of refuge.
When did suicide become an unforgivable sin in Christianity?
Unintentional sins could be forgiven if the person came with a _______ heart.
The ____ has no commandment against suicide
The Hebrew word translated "kill"
Intentional sin requires forethought and ______.
He wrote that "Thou shalt not kill" included killing oneself by suicide.
In the _____ world suicide was generally acceptable when faced with unendurable suffering or religious persecution.
They controlled the cities of refuge.
In Islam, _____ is not considered suicide.