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Africa Geography

Continent north of Africa
Desert in Southern Africa
grasslands that run down the eastern side of Africa,
Strip of dry grasslands on southern border of Sahara; also known as "shore of the desert"
Imaginary line circling the Earth 23 1/2 degrees south of the Equator
Mountains along southern edge of Africa
River that flows between Indian Ocean and Southern Africa
Lake in the Sahel
Flows between Atlantic Ocean and Central Africa
Zambezi _____ flows between the Mozambique Channel and Southern Africa
Trade route of former Ghana Empire
Mountains along northern edge of Africa
Manmade canal connecting Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea
Source of White Nile that flows into Nile
generally regarded as the longest river in the world
River that flows between Atlantic Ocean and South Africa
Sea between Africa and Asia
Ocean west of Africa
Waterway between Africa, Asia, Europe
Mass of mountains in Ethiopia
Island nation
Traveled across by camel caravans so goods and ideas could be exchanged between North and West Africa
Imaginary line dividing Earth into Northern and Southern hemispheres
Between Africa, India, Australia
Imaginary line circling the Earth 23 1/2 degrees north of the Equator
River used as trade route for former Nok civilization