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Simone's Earth Science CrossWord

Simone Johnson, 5th period, HR : Mr. McClain
Shaking or moving of the ground
Two or more elements that make up a substance
The point at which Earthquake starts
Theory that pieces of Earth layer, tectonic, move and change shapes
The thin and solid outermost layer of earth
Where two tectonic plates collide
A place where Earth's crust is broken
Wave that travels through the earth
The magma that feeds a volcano
Rock layers bend under stress
Magma that flows onto the earth
The outer layer of earth. Stiff layer that includes all of the crust
The layer of the earth between crust and core. Thickest layer
Study of earthquakes
Magma that escapes from volcano through opening in Earth's crust
The stress that pushes rocks together
block of lithosphere that consists of the crust
Any place where magma or gases come out of the ground
Where volcano activity is present
Point of Earth's surface above the starting point of earthquake
Place where tectonic plates meet
Form when rocks are pushed together
The layer beneath the mantle that extends to the corner of earth
When a fault forms at an angle
Melted rock