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Religious Foundations of Western Civilization: Judaism

Gratz College / JCI 
Culturally patterned interaction with culturally postulated superhuman beings
Outside of Israel
Pious Jews
Allowing differences to continue
Pertaining to the Church
Being less than others
Cultural entity
Persian ruler
Authority, jurisdiction
Teleological term referring to finality, death
German and then US Jewish stream
Messianic followers of Shabbatai Tzvi
Torah centered sect
Jeremiah or Isaiah
Babylonian and Jerusalem versions of Rabbinic laws and legends
Religious adj. for Judaism
Seeking knowledge, esp. spiritual
Non-believer, antagonistic to religious principles
Oral Tradition
Period where Talmud written
Break away sub group
Where Reform movement codified Platform 1885
Giving rights of citizenship
Cursing G*d, impious acts
Idea of one G*d
Hellenistic Greek King, Seleucid dynasty
Time period before current calendaring
A people and a place
Convert, disciple
Empire that was early adopter of Christianity
Not religious
Authoritative religious writings
Priestly revolutionaries 66-70 CE