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Civil War Crossword

First state to leave the Union and create the Confederate States of America.
The Civil War officially began when southern troops bombarded _____.
A Confederate general who died from mistakenly being shot by his own troops.
A new way to talk from far distances, this machine enabled the Union to have major advantages in communication.
Abraham Lincoln issued this on January 1, 1863, which freed any slaves in Union territory.
The Battle of ______ was one of the first major battles in the Civil War, and was a Confederate Victory.
Commanded the Confederate Army in northern Virginia.
The battle of ______ was the last battle of the Civil War.
The battle of _______ was also known as "The bloodiest day in American history."
An entirely new state that was created out of the divide between the North and South.
Was a spy, an abolitionist, a humanitarian, and led raids to free slaves during the Civil War.
The ____ Amendment was issued after the Civil War to free the slaves officially.
The most common Civil War surgery was an _______.
In November 15, 1864, _______ begins his destructive March To the Sea from Atlanta to Savannah.
Early President of the Confederate States.
The most widely-known Lieutenant general of the Union army.
An abolitionist who met with Abraham Lincoln to fight for the rights of Union negro troops.
The Battle of _____ was the turning point of the Civil War.
The side of the war who fought against slavery
The side of the war who fought for slavery