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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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3rd grade, 11-28-16, Week 14

Choose from the  following 16 words: (-oi, -oy):
boil, choice, point, avoid, noisy, moist, coin, enjoy, toy, destroy, employ, loyal, thing, earth, animal, brought.
To bubble and evaporate as a result of heat.
The freedom or chance to choose .
An object.
Ruin or damage something completely.
A small metal disk made by a government for use as money.
A living being made up of mammals, fish, reptiles and amphibians.
Making a loud and irritating sound.
Something children play with.
Took someone or something with you.
Dirt or soil.
Keep away from someone or something.
A sharp end of something.
Hire for work.
A little wet or damp.
Have a good time; receive pleasure from.