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Cell Transport

Movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
Form of cell transport that uses energy and goes from low to high (2 words)
Process by which materials enter and leave the cell (2 words)
Some substances can pass across the cell membrane and others cannot (2 words)
Movement of substances into the cell by vesicles
Taking in water by using vesicles
The diffusion of water
Regulates the movement of molecules into and out of the cell (2 words)
A solution with a low solute concentration which causes the cell to swell
Form of energy used by the cell to do active transport
A solution with a high solute concentration which causes the cell to shrink
Uses a carrier protein to move materials across the cell membrane; passive transport (2 words)
To take in large particles for food; example is white blood cells eating bacteria
When the solute concentration is the same throughout
Another name for a vacuole
The number of molecules in a solution
Movement of substances out of the cell by vesicles
The cell membrane is made up of protein and the... (2 words)
Active transport that uses proteins in the cell membrane to move molecules and ions; example is the sodium-potassium pump (2 words)
The concentration of solute is the same on both sides of a cell membrane
The substances dissolved in a solution such as salt or sugar