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Native American Culture

NURN 153 Fall 2016
These items should be allowed with the patient whenever needed and whenever possible.
You are to great Native Americans, especially elders, with a gentle handshake and avoid this.
This occurs infrequently in Native American males.
Herb used as early form of medicine.
Make sure to include questions regarding this in the health assessment, since their health is associated with the way they live.
Abundant food product used in many Native American recipes.
It is important to focus of this type of nursing care when providing services to Native Americans.
To ______ means to spread the smoke of burning herbs over a person, space, or object for purification.
Sacred hoops crafted for children to protect them from nightmares.
The elderly are often referred to as this.
Native American medicine works by returning the individual to a state of harmonious ________ both within himself and in relationship to the outer world.
Also known as oral traditions.
This Native American tribe does not allow blood transfusions.
The patient, along with their ______should be included in the patient's care.
One of the two most important Native American values.
These types of amulets are associated with Native American practices and include shells, crystals, gemstones, rattles, feathers, and animal skin/bones.
After a female gives birth, this should be saved, as it is added to a sacred bundle.
An important Native American value.
Burning this is done to celebrate the beginning of life.
A drum, along with this, are used with chantways and songs as a daily part of healing for many Native Americans.
This type of treatment is used as a traditional healing practice.
This is a traditional part of ceremony, but the patient should always be encouraged to eat.
This threshold is generally high, and determination may be difficult because of cultural beliefs.