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Repro & Cell Division Review 10.1 - 10.3

A programmed cell death
A disorder where cells divide uncontrollably
The first of two stages of cell division in eukaryotes.
Duplicated chromosomes line up and spindle fibers connect to centromeres
The production of organisms with genetic information from 2 parents (2)
Produces genetically identical organisms (2)
The last stage of cytoplasm is separated
Cytokinesis and mitosis make this up(2)
The region of a chromosome where 2 sister chromatids attach.
A mass of cancer cells.
What are the types of compounds that target rapidly dividing cells
The genetic material condenses and spindles start to form
The amount of the activity in a cell is related to this.
The term for G1, S & G2 phases.
Series of events in the growth and division of a cell. (2)
This is formed when DNA wraps around a protein known as a histone
The reason why cancer is life-threatening is due to the removal of these
This occurs during the S phase (2)
External growth factors that speed up the cell cycle (2)
Proteins that regulate the timing of the cell cycle in eukaryotics.
Sister chromatids separate and move toward centrioles
The G1 phase is known for this to happen (2)
Packages of DNA
The nuclear envelopes reforms
Cancers are cause by defects in the _____ that regulate cell growth and division
The most serious skin cancer.