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The Constitution: Words to Know

Someone who represents (stand in for) others
Powers of government are delegate to only the national government, shared between national and state governments, and reserved for the state governments only
(3 words) the government is separated into three branches of government: a legislative branch, an executive branch, and a judicial branch
(3 words) an agreement during the Constitutional Convention about how to count slaves for representation in Congress and taxes
(2 words) an agreement between the large and small states during the Constitutional Convention to decide how the people would be represented in Congress
Belief in a republic form of government
The law-making body in Great Britain
Settling differences through an agreement
(2 words) the idea that government power is found in the people
(2 words) rights each person is guaranteed; life, liberty, property, pursuit of happiness
(3 words) the powers of government are shared across the three branches so each can check the powers of the others
(2 words) The powers of a government are restricted so that it is not all-powerfull
(2 words) a person who did not support the Constitution as written after the convention because they felt the federal government was too powerful
A system by which a nation or state is governed
(2 words) an agreement during the Constitutional Convention about how the federal government would regulate trade and commerce
A fundamental doctrine (belief); a general law or truth
Having to do with a national government