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cell reproduction

Teacher: Joe Wachs
Cell with one of eachkind of chromosomes
Membrane bound structures within eukaryotic cells
Whenchromatin coils into visible chromosomes
Contains DNA, replicates during interphase
When cells cytoplasm divides and new cells are created
In animal cells, structures that move to opposite poles in a cell during prophase
Cell with 2 of each kind of chromosomes
2 words, plpaired structures with genes for the same traits arranged in the same order
2 words, end product of asexual reproduction
Cell division where 2 cells are produced
2 words, type of sex that undergoes meiosis
Type of cell division where one cell produces 4 haploid gametes
When cell increases in size and duplicates chromosomes
Haploid female cell produced by meiosis
Final phase of mitosis when new cells are ready to form
Haploid male sex cells produced by meiosis
Centromeres split, chromatid pairs are pulled apart
2 words, type of cell that undergoes mitosis
Condenses to form chromosomes
2words, pl, identical halves of a duplicated parent chromosome
2 words, exchange of genetic material between nonsister chromatids during prophase I
2 words, Original cell before asexual reproduction
When doubled chromosomes move to equatorand chromatids are attached to spindle fibers
Fiber strutures that pull apart sister chromatids
2words continuous sequence of growth and division
Cell structure that joins sister chromatiids