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The Kentucky Crossword

Its in the pasta but its not a black footed ferret.
Its a majastic _________!!!!
Allergic to cats. Dad is a doctor
Common bird. Josh's mom's cat.
How the world was going to end.
Finish's everybody's sentences (and sneezes).
Rarest animal in north america. They eat prairie dogs.
Dax's mom works here.
The author.
Erama read all these comics in one night.
The bluegrass state where this book takes place.
What you are doing right now?
Pasta place.
Famuos Roman dictator.
They lived in caves.. Bob.
Made with chocolate ice cream, assorted nuts and marsmallows.
When the unliving take over the world.
I scream you scream we all scream for ______!!!!
Refrence to chapter 19 and can kill zombies.
The main protagonist.
Book 2 the order of the _______.
Smallest fox in the world. Its ears can grow to be almost as big as it's body.
The _________ museum.
Sickness that makes you forget stuff.