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7th Grade Chapter 12: The Roman Republic Sections 1-4

Areas witihin a country or empire.
State containing several countries.
War between groups from the same country.
Government official who enforces the law.
Garment that adult men wore wrapped around their bodies as a symbol of Roman citizenship.
An official religion supported by the government.
Unit of 60 to 120 soldiers within a Roman legion that could act independently in battle.
Word meaning head of household. In Roman society this was the oldest man in the family. He owned all the families property. The father had absolut power over his family.
Large country homes.
Basic unit of the Roman army, consisting of 4,500 to 5,000 heavily armed soldiers.
The country of Italy is known as this as it is surrounded by water on 3 sides.
Society where men rule their families and that people traced their origins through their male ancestors.
System of basic rules and principles by which a government is organized.
Stop or cancel the action of a government official or body.
Form of government in which citizens have the right to vote and elect officials.
One of two top officials and military leaders in the Roman Republic.
Word meaning venerable or greatly honored one.
Open area in a Roman city filled with public buildings, temples, and markets.