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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Cell Project Wordsearch

By Gianna Torkelson
8th hour

The "conveyor belts" of the cell
Plant cells are stiff because they have these (two words)
Smallest unit capable of performing life functions
The "power house" of the cell
The _______ in plant cells are larger than those in animal cells
Where hereditary material forms during cell division
Section of DNA
Plays a part in almost every cell activity
A gelatin like material that all cells contain
Has no nucleus
Outer covering of a cell (two words)
In charge of sorting and packaging (two words)
Contains code for cell's structure and activities
The "garbage disposal" of the cell
"All cells come from cells" is part of this (two words)
Found in plant cells, contain a signature green pigment
Has a nucleus
The "brain" of the cell
Cells working together form these
Produces proteins for the cell
Tissues working together form these