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Mary Read died of this in prison
Started by stealing from homes and put booty in this vessel
Brought into custody by Colonel Rhet
Former quartermaster for Vane
Frist name of Captain England
Great deal of good nature but obliged to be apart of companions vile actions
Phillips was captured by Anstis in this ship
Play was writ upon him
Made to pass a boy
Died in surprise attack
Gow waived white flag while asking for this "pirate right"
Had ship burnt
Spriggs formerly sailed with this person, but stole own ship and seperated
Avery couldn't afford when died
Stole away silver from that Spaniards fished from wrecks of galleons
Rackham was hung up in these after death
Killed by Lieutenant Maynard and his men
Teach's nickname
Lover of Rackham
Story short because reign was short
Bonnet sentenced to death with how many others
Captain Holford delivered Vane to here where was tried, convicted and executed
Anne Bonny's relative that slept someone other than wife
Shot in head by boatswain
Turned ship George Gally into pirate ship and made self captain