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Sci. #4 Living Things Their Environment

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Date: ____________________________________

If a plant or animal dies out, it is no longer on the earth. This is called ___.
All food chains begin with plants, because they make their own food. A plant is a ___.
A place in an environment where a plant or an animal naturally lives.
All living things need a place to live. ___ is the surroundings of a plant or animal.
If a habitat changes and the plants or animals are in trouble because they are not getting what they need to live, this is called ___.
An animal is a ___. It eats plants or other animals.
A line of living things in which each is eaten by the next living thing in the line.
Plants or animals of the same kind that live together make a ___.
All the living things in an environment form a ___.
Living things that share a habitat struggle with one another for the things they need to live. This is called ___.