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spanish vocab crossword puzzle

an action of putting cloths on
Somthing you use to talk
How to get money
You wear this to cover your chest
To browse the internet
Something to add math numbers
To give a exam
To notice ones self
Used by children in school
To send virtual message
Place to buy stuff
To get rated on an assignment
A hand gesture often used to answer a question in class
To hear
To take a exam
To educate
Preparation for a exam
To visualize
To move
Something people ask
The oppsite of good
Girls wear this to special events
What you use to write big essays
To hike
Girls wear this to special events
Kids get this kind of transportation from and to school
To handout
Something to write on
The oppsite of bad
To focus
Place where money is put
Carried by children in school
The disk to watch a movie
Something to read