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Baseball Turnaround

What was the name of the team Sandy joined when he moved to Newtown?
What does every sports team need for guidance?
What genre is this book?
Who encourages Sandy when he is up to bat?
Who was the author of the book?
What do you wear when you play sports?
What is my favorite sport to play besides football?
What is one of the settings in the book- where Sandy grew up?
Who was the main character of the story?
Who was the guy that was mean to Sandy?
What did the Raiders eat on there final game?
Where did Sandy walk to everyday after school?
What was Sandy's favorite position?
What does Sandy and the bully not want to be?
What did everyone on Sandy's team call him?
What position did Sandy play when he joined the Raiders?
What was the team called that Sandy helped coach?
What undefeated team did the Raiders beat at the end?
What was Sandy's old baseball team called?
What do you need to catch a baseball?