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Mark Cooper's Crossword Puzzle

Name __________________________________
Attracts any object to the center of the Earth.
Power or strength owned by a human or machine.
Unit of force
When an object is at rest or always traveling at the same rate and not changing direction.
Push or pull.
Force that is transmitted through a cable, rope or string when it is yanked tight by tension forces on opposing sides.
A total of all forces working on an item.
Tells that an object will keep moving unless it experiences a different force.
A route that someone or something takes to get someplace.
The resistance an object has to switch in its state of movement depending on mass.
When an object is speeding up, slowing down or changing direction.
Forces that cause difference in the movement of something are unbalanced forces.
Force that opposes motion.
An object that keeps moving in the same direction and speed.
A property of a physical object.