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A Tour of the Cell

Has ribosomes attached to its surface; make membrane and secretory proteins
A barrier that regulates the traffic of molecules between the cell and its surroundings
Nucleic acid that brings code to build proteins from nucleus to ribosomes
Organelles that perform photosynthesis
Cells found in the domain Eukarya
Uses a beam of electrons to resolve objects
A long motile appendage; cells usually only have one.
Organelles where cellular respiration takes place
The material is long DNA molecules and associated protein fibers
Membrane enclosed sac of digestive enzymes found in an animal cell
The organelle where proteins are manufactured
Organelle that received, refines, and distributes chemical products of the cell
The ability of an optical instrument to show two objects as separate
Brain of the cell
An increase in an object's size as compared with its actual size
Cells found in bacteria and archaea
Nucleic acid that controls the cell
Short, numerous motile appendages
States that all living things are composed of cells
The entire region between the nucleus and the plasma membrane
A structure in the nucleus where ribosomes are made
One of the organelle where steroids are synthesized
Membrane-enclosed structures that perform specific functions
A thick jellylike fluid in which organelles are suspended