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Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul

Author: Gabriel Dunbar
Greg had to take the pig to the?
What was mom making?
Older brother
What were the Heffleys towing behind their car?
Where did they take Greg when the pig bit his finger?
Where did they leave the pig?
Not strong but...
Where did Mr. Beardo find dad?
Crazy deep fried food at fair
Book author
From hotel, Heffleys couldn't decide where to go so mom picked the....
Water park
Mom made us contribute these to her project
Prize for the best weight guess
What family was at the hotel and at the fair with the Heffleys?
What did they see that was carved out of butter?
We always bring this on a trip >15 minutes
Place they visited where they ate deep fried food
Who had the key from Soak Central?
Younger brother