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The Civil War (by Kenny Wilson)

The Union's top general who went on to become the 18th U.S. President.
Where Lee surrendered to Grant.
September 1863; First action of the Civil War in Georgia. Confederate victory.
A presidential proclamation that nominally freed all slaves in the confederacy.
First action of Civil War.
Wanted to expand the United States and slave territories; 14th President of the U.S.
Union victory gained control of Mississippi River and split Confederacy in two.
Brilliant general who turned down offer to command Union forces in favor of the Confederacy.
When state or states leave the country to form their own country.
Union general who is known for his "March to the Sea" through the South.
A law to draft young men into the Union army; passed in 1863.
Former senator from Mississippi who was selected as the first president of the Confederacy.
New dollar created in 1862. Named for it's color.
16th President of the U.S. Led war against South to stop succession.
A proposal that slavery be banned in the west.
June 3, 1861. First real battle of Civil War.
Decisive victory for the Union over the Confederacy