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Matthew 1 and 2 - Christmas Story

Third treasure brought by 22 down
In what the angel of the Lord appeared
Who was weeping for her children
22 across was found to be pregnant through Him
Ruling king of Judea
Second treasure presented to 17 across
Mother of Perez and Zerah
The name Joseph gave his son
Reigned in Judea after death of 12 across
Wife of Boaz
Means "God with us"
Joseph's wife
Where the angel of the Lord sent the new family
Where the family lived after leaving 23 across
First treasure brought by 22 down
An angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream
The district in which 1 down is located
Son of Asa
Father of Solomon
Who said He would be called a Nazarene
Where the Messiah was to be born
A voice was heard here.
It stopped over the place where the child was
Who came from the east to worship the king of the Jews?