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To Kill A Mockingbird Crossword Puzzle

Scout's costume in Mrs. Merriweather's pageant
Charles Baker Harris; Jem and Scout's friend
Last name of Atticus, Scout, and Jem
Scout's age a year after the novel begins
Judge handling Tom's case
Related to Atticus and disagrees with many of his beliefs
Defended Tom Robinson in court
He writes and publishes the town newspaper; friend of Atticus
Scout's older brother; son of Atticus
Mother figure for Scout; takes care of the Finch children
She overcomes her morphine addiction
Fictional town where the story is set
Victim in the case against Tom Robinson
Falsely accused of rape
Author of the novel
Her house burns down
Sheriff of Maycomb
He gave Helen Robinson a job
State where the novel takes place
He put a blanket on Scout when she was cold
Atticus shoots one
Scout's real name
What Jem must do for Mrs. Dubose
Accuses Tom Robinson and harasses Tom's wife
Scout's aunt describes him as "trash"