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Earth Science

Material that is not organic
Can be crushed into white powder that is commonly used to keep diapers clean
Precious mineral and has a Carbon composition
A metamorphic rock with crystals arranged in parallel bands
The dense sphere at Earth’s center, made mostly of iron and nickel
A layer of relatively cool, rigid rock that includes the uppermost part of the mantle and crust
An igneous rock that forms at Earth’s surface
The principle the geologic processes operating today also operated in the past
A rock made of compounds of silicon and oxygen, generally containing metals such as aluminum, iron, or calcium
A mineral’s tendency to split along regular, well-defined planes
Rock that forms over time as sediment is squeezed and cemented together
A series of processes in which rocks continuously change from one type to another
Small, solid pieces of material that come from rocks or living organisms
Known as fool's gold and has iron sulfide composition
The color of a mineral’s powder
A person who studies the Earth and its structure
Rock that forms from magma or lava
Magma that flows over Earth’s surface
A solid combination of minerals or other materials
Sedimentary rocks that form from the broken fragments of other rocks
Rock that has been changed by temperature, pressure, or reactions with water
The way a mineral breaks, determined by the mineral’s crystal structure
A layer of softer, weaker rock beneath Earth's lithosphere, which can flow slowly
An igneous rock that forms underground from hardened magma
The lower portion of Earth’s mantle
The way a mineral’s surface reflects light
The resistance of a mineral to scratching
Also known as ‘salt’ and has a composition of sodium chloride
A thick layer of hot but solid rock beneath Earth’s crust
The rocky outer layer of Earth