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Capitulo 3A/3B Vocabulario

A letter to grandma
Trolls are under the _______
The water ______
What you do at a roller rink
The person driving the car
The teacher __________ the toy from the misbehaving kid
If you have your license then you ________
Underground bus in New York
Where you buy groceries
What you put on a letter
Rush-hour ________
What you use to fuel your car
Antonym of in a while
In soccer when the ball goes out near the goal
Houston is ________ in which part of Texas
Antonym of narrow
Antonym of safe
What is used in almost every single sport
An example of an ID
Antonym of fast
What you receive in your mailbox
Where you cash your check or pull money out from your account
A love ______
Antonym of go