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Texas Revolution

How long did it take for the battle of San Jacinto to end
Who did Santa Anna lead
What was mexico's reason behind the battle of gonzales
The main leader of mexico
What method did texas use at the battle of Gonzales
In what battle did they hide the brass cannon
The main leader of texs
When did they capture Santa Anna
The killing of a bunch of texans when the leader was James Fannin
1 of the texas leaders behind the battle of Alamo
The person who lead mexico in the battle of gonzales
What was the motif behind the battle of San Jancinto
A battle cry the texans used
What was the reason for these wars
How long was the battle of the Alamo
Who was the Texas leader behind the battle of Gonzales
Coleto Creek took place on a
This battle was located in San Antonio
Who wanted independence
How did Fannin get everyone captured