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Georgia Crossword

Georgia's state bird?
What is Georgia's nickname?
The capitol of Georgia?
They sold cotton in these fields what are these fields called?
Who was the thirty-ninth president born in Georgia?
Georgia produces more of what kind of natural rock and or soil material?
Georgia's basketball team?
In 1788 what number did Georgia become a U.S state?
What is Georgia's state flower?
Who is the governor of Georgia?
What trail runs through the northwest part of the state?
Georgia's famous swamp park?
Georgia is famous for this fruit?
What is a big college football game played in Atlanta Georgia called?
Georgia is the largest producer of pecans and what other nut?
Who was the first African American professional baseball player that was born in Georgia?
Georgia has had how many capitals?
What very well known soda was made in Atlanta ?Georgia?
It is my name and a city in Georgia?
What is Georgia's major league baseball team name?