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4th grade Historic Indians

Teacher: Mrs. Fullen
What tribe was the best at trading?
Which member of the family had the job to farm and cook
Shoes all Indians wore
Indian tribes wanted to settle in this state because it had animals, rich soil, and rivers they needed to survive
Which Indian tribe was known for being great warriors?
What the brave and wise Wyandot were called by other Indian tribes
The Miami women grew these trees for miles along the river valleys
What kind of clothes all Ohio Indians wore in the cold winter
What the Indians called old people
Boys pretending to be great hunters after they watched their fathers were _____ their fathers
During the Bread Dance the people prayed for abundant _______
Indian tribe that had cups on poles for playing games similar to "lacrosse", oldest Indian nation
Famous Shawnee chief
Shelter used by the Ottawas because they were easy to take down and move
Who wanted to buy the land from the Indians
Famous Indian tribe around Chillicothe area
Type of bread eaten at dances by the Indians
Who gave the land, air, water, and animals to the people to share?
Job the men did in the Indian tribes
Most Indian tribes raised crops, so we say they were also _____________
One type of chief that led the men into battle
Tribe that was an enemy to the Iroquois, but they lost because of the Iroquois's guns?
Story that told a history of how things came to be
Type of chief that ran the affairs of the village
Favorite meat of the Indians