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World War II Blog Characters

An American General who was best known for his command of Allied Forces during the Pacific Theater.
An English computer scientist, mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, and a theoretical biologist.
American Scientist and physicist.
American "Gold Star" mother(not a real person).
Prime minister of the United Kingdom who railed the British and lead his country from defeat to victory.
An English spy who was born in India.
A Nazi concentration camp guard
A Ukrainian Soviet sniper.
An American first lady who changed the role of the first lady through her active participation through American politics.
Born in Australia, resistance fighter for the French Resistance (she won many awards).
An American Pilot in World War 2.
A German officer and physicist in Auschwitz Concentration Camp.
American 32 president that helped American people regain faith in themselves.
A Pima Indian who enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.
Wife of Hitler who committed suicide.
American medic serving during the Normandy invasion (not a real person).
One of the strongest, toughest, and strangest spies in World War 2 (a Polish Spy).
Fascist leader of Russia
A young girl who was hiding from the Nazis and wrote in a diary.
Leader of Italy who created Fascist Party.
Leader of Japan, one of the most caricatured members of Japan's military.
Soviet union Jewish person who escaped the mass murder, Babi Yar.
Combat medic in Russia.
Fight/ combat nurse who served in the Atlantic theater (first female POW in World War 2).
Leader of Nazi Germy who was Anti-Semitism and resulted many deaths.
American General during the Atlantic theater.
A Soviet Union soldier who killed over 300 Nazi soldiers in the Battle of Stalingrad.
A Japanese women that was born in America who hosted a propaganda radio program ( AKA Tokyo Rose).
American soldier who fought Germany in the Atlantic Theater.