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Tragedy of Julius Caesar crossword

The ghost of __
The power shifts from ___ to Brutus
Lower class people called
Most dynamic character (Act 4)
Wife of Shakespeare
Tone of Act one J.C.
Caesar was dead at Pompey's statue ___
Cicero was put to death even though he wasn't a ___
Who does Antony compare to a dog, donkey & horse
Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassius
Learned Portia is dead ___ times
Shakespeare wrote __ comedies, plays, etc.
Caesar is offered the crown ___ times
After Antony's speech the people kill
Cassius has a ___ stand
Last conspirator to stab ceasar
Who is mocking in Act 4
In 1950s a __ killed more than 1000 people a week
How many people said" they were older there for wiser"
Climax of Act 1
Theater where Shakespeare's famous plays were performed
What did portia swallow to commit suicide
First conspirator to stab ceasar
Brutus represents
Portia Stabs herself in the ___ (Act 2)
Who said " ET TU BRUTE"
Climax of Act 3
Shakespeare is known as the greatest
___ played females role in plays
Cassius made fun of Caesar's
Caesar's body was a ____ mess
Anachronism in Act 4
Shakespeare born in ___
Anachronism in Act one
Who said "Ambition's debt is paid"
Cassius, Casca, Decius,Cinna, Metellus Chamber, Trebonius & Brutus are the
Date Act two started March _
How many children did Shakespeare have?
Shakespeare rival playwright ___ Greene
Anachronism of Act two
Julius Caesar was the __ play performed
Brutus accuses Cassius of having an "Itchy ___"
What triumvirate includes Antony, Lepidus, & Octavius
Summer of 1596 ___Shakespeare's son dies
Cassius never sent money to __
Climax of Act 2
Shakespeare died ___ 23, 1616
What Act does Brutus & Cassius realize they aren't close anymore
Setting of Scene 3 act 4