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science extra credit

A tranvurse wave that can travel through empty space and through matter
An energy recorce that can be used over and over again and can be replaced
The number of wave lenghts that pass by
A wavelength that is really high
To disturbe energy from one place to another
Law that states that energy can be transformed from one to another but also cannot be created or destroyed
The region of a higher tempature to a region that has a lower temp
The lowest point on a transvurse wave
To get so hot that eventually it turns to a gas
To turn from a solid to a liquid
A mesurement of the amount of kenetic energy in a material
A energy resorse that cannot be reproduced once used up
The highest point on tranvurse wave
A material in wich a wave travels
A unhealthy disturbance in ones cell
The conservation of one energy to another
The disturbance from one point of a wave to another
Travels at about 400nm
A wave that travels at about 700nm
The change of a state from a liquid from a liquid to a solid
Transfer of energy by movement of particals
The process of moving energy from one place to another
The lowest wave length
The transfer of skenetic energy by collisuons
A squeezing force