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Music Crossword Puzle

Rate at which beat occurs
Melody that moves in small intervals
Accompanied song for a solo voice
High point in a melodic line
One single melody with harmonic accompanying
Combination of tones
Degree of loudness or softness
Organization of sound within time
Melody that accompanies the melody
Melody that moves in large intervals
Recognizable sequence of notes
20,000 people attended his funeral
Free vocal style that imitates the natural inflections of speech
Time organized in music
Basic unit of time
Distance between two pitches
Dramatic work in one or more acts
Highness or lowness of sound
Violin, Cello, Harp
Sequences of pitches
Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Base
Flute, Oboe
A pause
One sound
Two or more simultaneously independent melodic rhythms
Distinguishing qualities of a particular sound
Musical composition for a group of solo instruments
Grouping of beats
Blending of tones
Trumpets and Tuba