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Bridging the Gap Between the Roman Empire and Modern Times

Known as the "Holy Prophet"by Muslims
The Pope promised this to knights who would kill Muslims
These people were given land by the King
This country is named after the Vikings
An epidemic that was at its worst in the 1300's. Caused by fleas on rats
The leader of the Christian church.
The warriors of the Middle Ages
There are 5 of these that make up the basics of Islam
People who follow the religion of Islam
A series of wars between Christian and Muslims
Bodies ravaged by Bubonic Plague were used as weapons in the first ____________ warfare
These people continued the study of math and science following the Fall of Rome.
An invading tribe of people that settled in what is now England
A period of time also know as the Dark Ages and Medieval Times
Tribes of people that settled in Spain
Wide spread occurence of an infectious disease that causes high mortality (death)
A social and political system that arises when there is not a strong central government.
People known for taming horses and using them in warfare; led by Genghis Kahn
People from Scandanavia who raided towns along European coasts and rivers
A term used to describe peasants during the Middle Ages