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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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spelling words

This is ___ doll not mine.
When you share, you must take _______.
A lot of stuff piled up that you never give away
Someone reads this to you.
You ____ juice into someones cup.
Windy and raining with thunder and lightning can be in it.
Someone who paints or draws and is famous
It is in the back or front of your house and has a door leading into your house.
You ______ a pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern.
In front of in line.
You read these in a book.
Its big and its in the back of your house. Has lots of grass
The land along the edge of the sea, lake or beach.
What you paddle with on a boat
If your muscles get tired and hurt they are ____
You can play this. Examples: soccer, football, gymnastics, swimming,
Its on a boat and when you stop you put it down so your boat doesn't float away.
A knife is ____ for chopping.
Another name for jobs you do around the house.
What you do when you go to school