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West Africa

Salt most commonly came in the form of large _______.
One key reason why Mali eventually fell.
This river was the backbone of early West African civilizations.
Early group of farmers that were the beginning of the Ghana empire.
Masa Musa went on this in the year 1324.
Process in which people exchange goods without contacting each other directly.
The first of the great empires in West Africa.
The title given to local leaders in Mali.
Mali's most famous ruler.
An open area of grassland with scattered trees.
Much of Mali's history is according to these, passed down over the generations.
This great empire was larger than the Empire of Ghana.
Moist, densely wooded areas found closer to the equator.
One of the key reasons why Ghana eventually fell.
Important trade item that was mined in the forested areas to the south.
Mali's rise to power began under this leader.
Mali's most important trade center.
Mansa Musa helped spread this religion throughout Mali.
Long, deep valleys formed by the movement of the earth's crust.
A strip of land that divides the desert from wetter areas.
The people of Ghana as well as traders had to pay these to the empire.
Important mineral resource that was found in the desert areas of the north.