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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Lesson 9 Spelling

without shoes
quick in thinking and understanding
one in which a filament gives off light when heated by an electric current
direct and open in speech or expression
a device designed to save a person from drowning by holding up the body while in the water
pain in or near the stomach
loud cries and sounds
a local branch of the postal service handling the mail for a particular place
a radio or television broadcast of news
a building for the storage of goods
working less than a full or regular schedule
nonhuman living things and especially wild animals living in their natural environment
a hit in baseball that allows the batter to go completely around the bases and score a run
a fellow member of a team
Filled with a feeling of mixed fear, respect, and wonder
known by many people
a board for posting notices
a chair with wheels used especially by sick, injured, or disabled people to get about
hidden or kept from knowledge or view from all but a few people
during the whole time
beyond or across the sea
pain in the head
a motorized vehicle for one or two passengers that has two wheels
over the side of a ship into the water