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Christmas Fun Facts

Knowledge Management Holiday Puzzle
Sterling Carillon
Which country is the largest exporter of Christmas Trees?
Hot mulled ___ cider.
The first ____.
Number one holiday channel shows the burning of what?
What country has the tradition of filling children's clogs with treats on December 5th?
Who invented Christmas Lights?
Theurgical cool guy
Hushed darkness
Which of Santa's reindeer is named after another animal?
How many points does a snowflake have?
What is the color of the berries on mistletoe?
The custom of sending this item, the Christmas ____ was started in the UK in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole.
The Three Wise Men came from Arabia, India and__?
What would you be drinking if you had Gluhwein?
Snow is a single crystal of___.
Brother of Blitzen?
Santa Claus' postal code?
National Outfit Manufacturers Association. Makers of Christmas Lights since 1920.
What is needed for a "White Christmas"?