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Louisiana Purchase 3rd grade

Tribe that Sacagawea was from.
During their journey they drew _______ of the area.
The journey ended in _________ of 1806.
Deal where the U.S. purchased the Louisiana Territory from France.
The land was divided to form all or part of 15 _________.
Asked by Lewis to help in the journey to explore the Louisiana Territory.
Jefferson wanted the land around ___________. But France said no.
Set aside money to have the territory explored.
Chosen to lead the journey to explore the Louisiana Territory.
The journey began in _________, MIssouri.
The journey began in St. Louis in _______ of 1804.
France controlled all of the _______ out of the Port of New Orleans.
President that wanted to have the land around New Orleans.
Native American who helped Lewis and Clark.
The U.S. paid $15 _________ dollars for 529 __________ acres of land.