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Science Crossword (chapters 0-3)

The factors in an experiment that remain the same
If a mineral breaks along smooth, flat surfaces
A description of how similar or close measurements are to each other
The amount of mass in a material unit per volume
Topographic features formed by processes that shape Earth's surface
The practical use of scientific knowledge, especially for industrial or commercial use
A description of how close a measurement is to an accepted value
Using one or more of your senses to gather information and take note of what occurs
The investigation and exploration of natural events and of the new information that results from those investigations
A logical explanation of an observed that is drawn from Using one or more of your senses to gather information and take note of what occurs prior knowledge or experience
Deposits of metallic or nonmetallic minerals that can be produced at a profit
The color of the mineral's powder
A naturally occurring solid mixture composed of minerals, smaller rock fragments, organic matter, or glass
Includes the crust and the uppermost mantle into a rigid layer
An explanation of observations or events based on knowledge gained from many observations and investigations
Landforms with low relief and low elevation
A naturally occurring,inorganic solid that has a crystal structure and a definite chemical composition
Areas with low relief and high elevation
The plastic layer within Earth
A mineral that breaks along rough or irregular surfaces
Individual particles in rocks
The number of digits in a measurement that are known with a certain degree of reliability
Any factor in an experiment that can have more than one value
The atoms in a crystal are arranged in an orderly, repeating pattern
An interpretation of observations
A spoken or written summary of observations
Describes the way that a mineral's surface reflects light
A possible explanation about an observation that can be tested by scientific investigations
The thick middle layer in the solid part of Earth
A statement of what will happen next in a sequence of events
The force that every object exerts on every other object because of their masses
Landforms with high relief and high elevation
Shaped like a ball, with all points on the surface at an equal distance from the center
The dense metallic center of Earth
The brittle,rocky outer layer of Earth
An internationally accepted system for measurement Abbreviation: SI