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Cell Transport

The net movement of molecules from high to low concentration.
The movement of molecules that requires no energy.
Describes.a structure that is passable by some molecules, but not all.
A difference in an amount of a substance between two areas.
When cells use vacuoles to transport waste out of the cell.
When a solution has a lower concentration of solute; water will move away from this type of solution.
The movement of water through a membrane.
When cells surround molecules and bring them into the cell.
When a solution has a higher concentration of solute; water will move towards this type of solution.
A chemical signal from the body.
Movement of molecules down a concentration gradient with the help of a transport protein.
The main component of cell membranes.
Type of molecular transport that requires energy from ATP; moves against the concentration gradient.
Type of transport protein that is used to transport ions from a low concentration to a high concentration.
When a solution has an equal concentration of solute compared to another; water is balanced.